Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Brighton.

18.12.2011 | 9:43 |

[p]Good morning everyone and welcome to the second day of [ycs] Brighton. Today we’ll crown the final YCS winner of 2011, who will be one of the 128 Duelists who are remaining in the competition. On top of that there’s several Public Events taking place today, including Attack of the Giant Card, Dragon Duel, [mefist] playoffs and the YCS Trial, where the winner will be awarded flights and accommodation to the 100th YCS at Long Beach, California![/p]

Table 1 is where all Duelists want to be.

A sneak peek at our first feature match of the day!

One of the Giant Cards Duelists can win today!

The people that keep everything running smoothly, thank you Judges and Staff!