Welcome to Day 2 of YCS London 2017

We are back again with Day 2 of YCS London. After 8 Rounds of Swiss Duelists with 15 points or higher will return for 3 more Rounds of Swiss until we cut to Top 32.

Day 2 Start[abstand]
It was SPYRALS all over the place! The deck had an impressive impact on this event. The top tables were almost all SPYRAL decks and all the top players decided to run the deck. The release of Double Helix and the Link mechanic in general gave the deck a huge push.

But it’s not only SPYRALS. Trickstars and True Draco are also in competition for a spot in the Top 32. Yesterday we tried to give you a good overview on our live stream.

Today we will continue with 3 more Rounds of Swiss until we cut to Top 32 and start with the Knock-out Rounds. From there on losing will result in elimination from the event. 314 Duelists are allowed to continue in the Main Event. That’s the Top 256 and Duelists with 15 points or higher. On stream we will focus on the bubbble matches. Duelists with X:2 records must not lose anymore should they want to top YCS London. The pressure is high and we are soon going to find out who can deal with it.

The winner of YCS Rimini Andreas Vrellos has already dopped out of the Main Event. LLDS winner Erikos Bek is doing good with an X:1 record. Marcello Barberi is trying to continue his streak of topping. Jy Sharif and Jake Quinsee from the UK are also still having a shot at top 32.
Giant Cards[abstand]
Dropping out of the Main Event does not necessarily mean that the fun has to end. There is a huge number of Public Events to participate, starting with the usual Win-A-Mat, Attack of the Giant Card and the Mega Regional. The winner of the Mega Regional will recieve a Super Rare version of a former YCS prize card. This time it is ging to be Blood Mefist, a highly sought after card.

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