Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2

26.11.2017 | 8:08 |
Day 1 of YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2 is in the books. After 8 Rounds of Swiss and 14 hours of intense Dueling we cut the field down for Day 2. The Top 256 players have returned today to play 3 more Rounds of Swiss before we cut to Top 32. The tension is rising and we are looking forward to crowning a new YCS champion! Venue Day 2


Good morning Duelists and welcome to the second day of YCS Prague Vol. 2. 256 Duelists are back for Day 2 of the Main Event. All of them still have a chance of claiming the title. Those holding an X:2 record are on the bubble. One more loss and their chances of moving on to the Top 8 are shattered. The tension is high and staying focused will get harder. We will see 3 more rounds of Swiss before we cut to Top 32 and continue with the Knock-Out portion of the event. At the end of the day we will have the last European YCS champion of 2017 and probably the first YCS champion to win the title twice in a row: Joshua Schmidt is still in good shape and of course he is hoping to defend his title.


Public Viewing Area


SPYRALs are still the Deck to beat. Even though the Forbidden & Limited list tried to tame the agents, they are still doing what they are supposed to: build a board that is hard to break. On the other side the Deck is versatile enough to play through any rogue Match-Ups and beat its worst enemy frequently.


Giant Card


In case you dropped out of the Main Event there are still a lot of cool Public Events to attend. There are the usual Win-a-mat events, Attack of the Giant Card and a Mega-Regional! As always, we will be bringing you the latest updates and live coverage throughout the day, be sure to follow the links below and join us as we find a new Champion!