Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Rimini 2017

27.08.2017 | 8:50 |

Good morning everyone! We are back again with another day filled with YCS action. Yesterday was quite a long day! We had 8 Rounds of Swiss and almost 14 hours of intense dueling. Today, the best 258 Duelists will return for another 3 Rounds of Swiss before we cut to Top 32 and continue with the Knock-Out Rounds. In about 12 hours we will be crowning the first YCS champion of the 2017/18 season and give out the new YCS prize card for the first time ever!

FM Area[abstand]
Wow, what a Day 1 of YCS Rimini. A lot of people thought it is going to be a boring format with Zoodiacs and True Draco dominating the event. Well, in the course of the event it turned out that there are decks out there that flew under the radar. But not anymore… We witnessed Trickstar take down True Draco in a glorious fashion. We also saw Chain Burn doing what it’s dong best: drawing cards and burning life points. While it is quite an annoying deck to play against, it is also very skillful to play. You always have to consider how to avoid getting too much damaga out of one card. In Round 8 Sebastian Wernicke from Germany displayed his true mastery of the deck!
Sunday morning
Duelists with 15 points and more are entitled to return today and continue with in the Swiss portion of the event. We will see three more Rounds of Swiss until we cut to Top 32. In order to still have a shot at Top 32 you have to have an x:2 record. On stream we will feature a lot of bubbble matches in the morning. The losers are out of any chance to go to Top 32.

But, dropping out of the Main Event does not necessarily mean that the fun comes to an end. There is a huge number of Public Events to participate, starting with the usual Win-A-Mat, Attack of the Giant Card and the Mega Regional. The winner of the Mega Regional will recieve a Super Rare version of a former YCS prize card.