Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Sydney 2017!

15.01.2017 | 11:20 |

Welcome back to the second day of coverage for Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Sydney 2017! Yesterday was a long day for our Duelists as they faced 7 intense rounds of Dueling. We’re back at the ANZ Stadium for another day, and joining us are 256 Duelists who’ve fought their way into Day 2 of competition.

ANZ Stadium

The Millenium Room is prepared to handle a huge number of players once again. Here’s the room at the start of day 2, as Duelists have slowly begun to enter:

Day 2 hall

And here it is full of eager Duelists!


There will be 3 more rounds of competition before the field is reduced to just 32 competitors. From there, those skilled Duelists will compete in single elimination round to determine the ultimate winner, and Champion of YCS Sydney 2017!

YCS Sydney 2017 Trophy

As always, Day 2 of the YCS features tons of side events. Win-A-Mat events are constantly firing, giving players the chance to score some cool exclusive mats. On top of that, there’s the Regional events and ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! as well! Since you’ll get booster packs as prizes whether you win or lose, it’s a great chance to play some games and have a lot of fun!

YCS events are always great fun, even if you’re not playing in the main event. We’ve got a full day of exciting Dueling ahead, and this is the best place to read all about it!