Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Toulouse

15.04.2012 | 9:01 |

[p]Good morning Duelists and welcome to Day 2 of [ycs] Toulouse. Yesterday we saw plenty of interesting Decks and Duelists throughout the venue and we’ll be looking to show you plenty more today, as the remaining 128 compete for the title.[/p]
[p]In addition to the final stages of the main event, the Public Events will see a lot of activity. We’ve got Win-A-Mat events, WCQ Regionals, ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD and more. The YCS Trial returns, along with the Public Event Playoffs where 2 more copies of [mefist] will be awarded.[/p]

[p]As always, keep track of this site and you’ll find all the latest updates on what’s going on throughout the day, and best of luck to our many competitors. [i]It’s time to Duel![/i][/p]