Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Utrecht 2020!

23.02.2020 | 8:44 |
Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Milan Utrecht 2020! After 9 Rounds of Swiss and more than 2.200 Duelists entering the Main Event, we are back with 3 more Rounds of Swiss. After that we will continue with the knock-out portion of the event. We will be playing Top 64 for this event, so everybody with X:2 is safe.


Junk's Playground


For today we will be highlighting Duelists on the bubble. All the guys with X:2 are currently on the bubble and another loss might crush all hopes of making the top cut. However, we will crown the first YCS champion of 2020 roughly around 8 p.m.


Winner Andreas Vrellos


Andreas Vrellos YCS Milan 2019 champion is one of those guys on the bubble. He’s running Altergeist and has 21 points. Currently still undefeated are Jack Verma from Germany, Ryan Jabri from France and An Qi Xu from Austria.




In case you dropped out of the Main Event there are tons of Public Events to attend today. Apart from our On-Demand Public Events that we will be hosting all day long, there is the Dragon Duel, a Mega Regional, Speed Duel Challenge and another Master Rule 5 challenge. Stay tuned to our live coverage throughout the day until we find a new YCS champion!