Welcome to Day 2 YCS Liverpool!

30.10.2016 | 9:23 |
Good morning and welcome back to Day 2 of YCS Liverpool! After 7 rounds of Swiss yesterday, the best 256 Duelists returned today to play 3 more rounds to compete for one of the Top 32 spots. Day 2


The challenge for Day 2 is to stay focused and keep your motivation. There are 3 more rounds to go until the top cut starts. All the players with an x:2 record must not lose anymore if they want to proceed. So the pressure is on them. Players with better records may slip once and still have a shot a the top cut. Other than that there are a lot of Public Events throughout the whole day. You can take part in Win-a-Mat tournaments which are held throughout the whole day. Then there are the Attack of the Giant Card events and a WCQ: Regional as well. The highlight of today’s Public Events schedule is the Sneak Peak of Invasion: Vengeance. Yes, you heard me right. There will be Sneak Peaks the whole day long. You can get your hands on the newest set. There are already a lot of highly sought after cards like Toadally Awesome and Dimensional Barrier. I guess whoever pulls these cards will be very happy. We will keep you informed about all the action via Live Stream on our Twitch and YouTube channel as well as on the coverage blog. Good luck and lots of fun to all Duelists, let the games begin!