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Good morning everyone around the globe following our live coverage of YCS Prague 2016. It’s our second time in this beautiful city and the whole team is happy to be here. We are looking forward to a great event. Stay tuned for all the action here in Prague!

It’s been a while since the last YCS in Rimini, six months have passed! Far too long, if you ask me. Due to safety reasons YCS Lille had to be cancelled but we’re back now and ready for action.

A lot has changed since Rimini. A new Forbidden & Limited List, introduced in Autumn 2015 and an Adjusted List was released recently. Both had a huge impact on the metagame and the decks to expect here in Prague. Were it not for the February list, we would have seen a lot of “PePe” mirror matches. But they made a smart move and limited some of the key cards in that Deck and now the metagame is more diverse.

Other than that, [bosh] was a very strong set introducing a lot of powerful cards to existing themes. Many of the new cards are generic and can be splashed into any deck. [s str] and [tt raffle] can be play in any deck if you find space. We will see the impact of the set after the event.

Prague is also well known for its landmarks and night life. Part of the whole YCS experience is meeting friends and hanging out with them at cool places you haven’t been before. It’s all about making new experiences and new friends. Yes, we will also bring you some of these “off-the-records” stories in the course of this coverage.

But right now it is not about going out and making friends: it’s about competition and [ygo]. There are a whopping 978 players in attendance here at YCS Prague (with some late registrations still coming). This means we are about to see 7 Rounds of Swiss today. We will cut to 256 players tomorrow to play 3 more Rounds of Swiss before we cut again to Top 32. Round 1 is about to start anytime. You can enjoy the live stream on Twitch and YouTube.

The whole team is very curious on how these changes will affect the way players are approaching the Duels and what they came up with for this event. Stay tuned for all the news and updates here at the official coverage page and on Twitch.

Over the next two days we will provide you with all the good stuff you are already used to: Feature Matches and Player Interviews hosted by Oliver Gehrmann and Luke Withington. I will provide you with the written coverage focusing on Decks and Techs as well as Pictures from the event.

We are set for an exciting event. Let the Duels begin!

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