Welcome to the 200th YCS in Utrecht, the Netherlands

21.09.2018 | 16:42 |

Hello and welcome to coverage of the 200th YCS in Utrecht, the Netherlands. WE are here from Friday till Sunday to broadcast all the action at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Even though the Main Event doesn’t start until tomorrow, there is already a whole lot of action going on here.




Friday is usually the day to prepare for the Main Event. Duelists are trying to get their hands on certain cards they are missing for their Deck, some are probably making very last changes to their Decks, depending on their expectations regarding the metagame and a lot are here to preregister in order to claim the dice and a very cool Game Mat.




Due to the recent changes of the Forbidden & Limited List the format is still wide open and there are different opinions on which Deck is currently the best. Some tend to favor Sky Striker, some are still on Trickstar and even Gouki doesn’t seem to be out of the race yet. We will see after the event which Deck will reign victorious.




We’ll be having 3 different events this weekend from three different countries celebrating the 200th YCS across the globe! Utrecht is kicking things off. Only a few hours later Duelists will be heading to Columbus, Ohio and Mexico City, in Mexico to continue the festivities. The winners of the 200th YCS main events will claim the first ever Ultra Rare copies of the brand-new YCS Prize Card, while 2nd and 3rd place finishers will take home Super Rare variants.

The Stream will be going live tomorrow morning and we will be showing you Feature Matches and Interviews all day long. For this event we are trying out a lot of new stuff for you guys at home. Look forward to a new stream set-up, new commentary and analyses from our experts! Stay tuned!