Welcome to the European Championship 2012!

07.07.2012 | 9:29 |

Hello and welcome back to the Coverage of the World Championship Qualifier: European Championship!
If you just tuned in, you’re in for a treat; we’ve been running Public Events yesterday already and we also provided you with live updates from the site. So check out the articles that we uploaded already and learn how some competitors succeeded in claiming one of the very last seats in this year’s European Championship!

One of our coolest stories was Jaka Bavdek overcoming Sebastien Pirasteh, which gave the 12-year-old the opportunity to participate in this weekend’s WCQ: European Dragon Duel Championship! Can he go all the way and make it to the Dragon Duel World Championship? We’ll know in a little less than 48 hours!


The World Championship Qualifier: European Championship takes place this weekend!

The World Championship Qualifier: European Championship takes place this weekend!


So what else can you expect to see this weekend? As always, we’ll bring you all the action from the European Championship, presenting you with some unique takes on the popular archetypes as well as fresh Deck ideas that might make their breakout performance this weekend. There will also be plenty of Feature Matches go live, giving you the opportunity to see interesting players and Decks in action.

Just like we did in Brighton, we will have a Duelist Diary this weekend, keeping you posted on how 4 players are doing this weekend. Then there are plenty of Quick Questions, a Duelist breakdown and so on! So check back regularly and see who’ll come out on top of this year’s European Championship!


Public Event Action!


Hundreds of players showed up yesterday despite the fact that they are not qualified for the Main Event. Today and tomorrow, they will still have plenty of chances to win cool prizes, with Win-A-Mat events, Attack of the Giant Card and – for the first time at a European event – Sealed Pack tournaments! We’ll make sure to provide you with some impressions from these events, so you will learn why it always pays out to attend one of the larger events – even if you had to drop out of the Main Event!


Dragon Duel Championship


Last but certainly not least, we have this year’s European Dragon Duel Championship, which is the most important event of its kind! The 2 finalists will participate in the first ever Dragon Duel World Championship which takes place this summer in Tokyo, at the same time as the regular World Championship! We’re more than excited and can’t wait to see some of our up and coming superstars claiming the first title of their respective careers. We’ll put more emphasis on the coverage of the Dragon Duel event than ever, so stay tuned for that as well!

Alright, that should give you an idea of what to expect this weekend. More than 300 players already made use of the opportunity to sign up yesterday which is solid groundwork for a truly great attendance. This sets the stage for an epic European Championship and I hope you’re just as thrilled for the event to begin as we are!