Welcome to WCQ: European Championship 2019 in Utrecht

29.06.2019 | 10:29 |

Welcome to the WCQ: European Champions 2019 in Utrecht! It’s the third time we here broadcasting live from the city of Utrecht. After already hosting the 2017 European Championship and the 200th YCS we are back for another European Championship 2019!




We already started off with our coverage yesterday broadcasting the World Championship Points Play-Off that took place for the first time ever. Jonas Koschel and Joshua Schmidt, both hailing from Germany took the first two spots. Raphael Neven from the Netherlands, who was in the lead in the race for points, took a heartbreaking loss in the semi-finals and had to earn his invite in the playoff for 3rd place. He was able to recover and beat Dinh-Kha Bui in an impressive manner, making the first half of Team Europe complete.




During the following two days we will determine the second half of Team Europe in the WCQ: European Championship 2019. There are 1.900 Duelists entering Round 1 of the event, making it the largest European Championship ever, yet again! We keep on breaking attendance records year after year and want to thank you for being here and making this possible!




We will be playing 11 Rounds of Swiss and cut to Top 64. After 6 more Knock-Out Rounds we will have a new European Champion and will be completing Team Europe.

Stay tuned for all the action here in Utrecht and follow out coverage via Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. The Feature Matches will be accompanied be articles, interviews and standings here on the coverage blog.