Welcome to YCS Bochum 2016!

2016 is coming to an end and Christmas is almost here. But before we celebrate the silent night we are going out with a bang: YCS Bochum 2016. The biggest [ygo] event ever in European history! YCS Liverpool was only a month ago where Thomas Rose won Liverpool with Phantom Knight Burning Abyss teched out to the max to beat ABC. Now all the top level Duelists got together once more to fight for the last title of 2016!

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Bochum is in the middle of Ruhrgebiet, which is the most densely populated areas of Germany. It once was home of Germanys steel and coal industry, of which only little is left. The area is changing, since these industries are not as dominant anymore as they used to be. Big companies like ThyssenKrupp, that shaped German industry, are still situated in this area.

Taking the train from Duesseldorf airport feels like you are in one big city, even though you are driving through Duisburg and Essen in order to get to Bochum. There are almost 10 million people living in this area! That’s the reason why Bochum is almost always one of the largest events of the year.

Bochum 2016 broke all previous records! We have a whopping 1.603 players in attendance today with a few late registries incoming. That’s the biggest number ever for a YCS in Europe. It seems like every Duelists came to Bochum in order to give it a final shot in 2016. Due to the high numbers we had to set up tables outside the main hall as well.

We will be playing 8 rounds of Swiss today and 3 more tomorrow. Then we well be cutting the field to Top 32 and continue with the Knock-Out Rounds. As usual there will be a huge amount of Public Events today and even more on Sunday.
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Round 1 is about to start anytime soon. In 36 hours we will have a new YCS champion and the last winner of 2016. Let’s get it on, it’s time to duel!

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