Welcome to YCS Bochum 2018

Hello and welcome back to coverage of YCS Bochum 2018. We ended 2017 with a huge YCS Prague and Raphael Neven finally winning his 1st YCS. Now we are back with a new season, a new year and a new format and I can tell one thing it advance: we are starting 2018 HUGE!

Bochum used to be the last event of the year. 2018 is a little bit different and we are starting the year with the largest YCS ever to be held in Europe. In 2016 we already set a new attendance record with more than 1.600 Duelists. But this year we are exceeding this record by far: there are 1.951 Duelists registered for the Main Event! I repeat 1.951 Duelists. As far as I remember that is the second largest number ever, only being surpased by YCS Long Beach with over 4.000 Duelists.
That is huge and it also means that for you guys that you are going to see a lot of Dueling over the course of the next two days.

The format is still not solved. YCS Atlanta took place last weekend and set the trend for the following events. Pundulum made a strong showing in Atlanta and we are expecting a similiar trend for Bochum unless Duelists came prepared for the Match-Up. We will find out after the event.

We will be playing 8 rounds of Swiss today and 3 more tomorrow. Then we well be cutting the field to Top 32 and continue with the Knock-Out Rounds. As usual there will be a huge amount of Public Events today and even more on Sunday. Feature Matches will be on our live stream on Twitch and YouTube. On written coverage, we will be focusing on Quick Questions, Interviews and Pubic Events. Of course, this content will be accompanied by Strategy Content in order to provide you at home with all the ideas and innovation players came up with.

Duelists, shuffle up! It’s time to duel!

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