Welcome to YCS Bochum!

Today marks a historic occasion for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series, where the world’s finest Duelists go all-out for fame and glory, has finally arrived in Europe after being held exclusively in America for several years.  The event is being held here in Bochum, which is no stranger to landmark Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, having held the very first European Championship way back in 2006.

Over 600 Duelists registered online before the event this weekend, and there are several hundred more outside the tournament hall going through the registration process right now. There’s every chance that we’ll break the 1000 player mark before Round 1 begins, and the final number could far exceed that amount.

Let the games begin!

Duelists from all over Europe have made their way here today, from Ireland to Israel, Spain to Sweden, and everywhere in between. There’s also a huge number of German Duelists in attendance, as the world’s biggest TCG series finally comes to their home nation. We’re bound to see several interesting Decks and Matches during the swiss rounds today, as everybody competes to be one of the lucky 128 Duelists in with a chance of taking home the title tomorrow. Along with the honour of becoming the first YCS winner in Europe, the winning Duelist will also take home the highly sought-after Darklord Prize cards, along with several other prizes.

Meet the Darklords, the cards everybody's playing for!

As well as being the first YCS in Europe, this is also the first major European event of the new format, and the Duelists here are running a wide variety of Decks and tech cards that they hope will lead them on the road to victory. Rumour has it that certain World Championship competitors are using under-the-radar Decks like Six Samurai and Absolute Zero, so even the world’s top Duelists are trying out brave and unique strategies in order to catch the competition off-guard. The results of YCS Toronto 3 weeks ago have also had a great influence on what we’ll see today, as X-Sabers, Gladiator Beasts and Gemini Beatdown are all on view here today in big numbers.

Mathujs Schuurman is back ready for more rounds of action!

This weekend also marks another first for Yu-Gi-Oh!, as it’s the first time that 2 YCS events are taking part on the same weekend, with YCS San Jose in the United States due to start later this afternoon. There is a 9 hour time difference between the 2 venues, so once Day 1 of YCS Bochum comes to a close, YCS San Jose will have just begun and you can read all of the coverage for that event on the North American coverage site. It will be interesting to see the differences in European and American playing styles, as well as how Duelists on both sides of the world build Decks capable of taking on all potential obstacles that lay between them and the title.

It’s time to get ready for 2 days on non-stop Yu-Gi-Oh! action around the world, and you can follow all of the action right here. Best of luck to all of the Duelists attending this weekend, and let the games begin!

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