Welcome to YCS Leipzig!

[p]Good morning fellow Duelists and welcome to Germany for live coverage of Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Leipzig! Things are about to get underway here so let’s take a look at what you can expect to find here over the next 2 days.[/p]

[p]YCS Leipzig is the first major European event after the release of [orcs], which contains many tournament-ready cards that have already made an impact in Mexico and the United States this month. Wind-Ups are the deck that everybody’s talking about, with powerful combos based around [w rat], [w hun] and [w maity], and we should see several of these decks at the top tables. Hot on the heels of Wind-Ups are Inzektors. These DARK Insect-Type monsters can equip to each other and gain various effects to wipe opposing fields clean, setting up some impressive combos along the way. We should also see some Ninja, Evol and many other Decks that were inspired or boosted by the latest set, so keep an eye on this page over the weekend. [/p]

[p]YCS Leipzig is also the final event of the current Advanced Format. A new Forbidden & Limited Cards List will go into effect in just under a week’s time and many Decks will change. Some will change slightly while others will be completely rebuilt, so the general makeup of tournaments will be quite different to what we see this weekend. That being said, YCS Leipzig will see the current format’s Decks in their most developed form, so if you’re looking to see the strongest and most creative versions of today’s top decks, there’s only once place to be![/p]

[p]The main event isn’t the only thing to get excited about this weekend, there’s plenty of Public Events on offer too. In addition to the Duelist League, Win-A-Mat and WCQ: Regional Qualifiers, there’s Dragon Duel WCQ tournaments for Duelists aged 13 and under, ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD, which always goes down well with the crowd, and the illustrious YCS Trial. The winner of the Trial will win free flights and accommodation to Long Beach California for the 100th YCS, which takes place next month! Finally, tomorrow afternoon will see the Public Event playoffs, in which Duelists that took part in events over the weekend have a chance to win [mefist], the same prize card that is rewarded in the main event![/p]

[p]The hall is beginning to fill up and everything will kick off shortly, so best of luck to all competitors this weekend and if you’re following us at home, we’ll be here all weekend to provide live updates as everything happens. [b][i]It’s Time to Duel![/b][/i][/p]

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