Welcome to YCS London 2019!

26.10.2019 | 11:13 |
Hello and welcome to YCS London 2019! It’s the fifth time we host a YCS in London as a part of the huge MCM Comic Con at London ExCel. The MCM Comic Con is one of the largest Comic Conventions in the world. Over the course of three days there will be more than 150.000 visitors attending the con.


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London is always a highlight in the YCS calendar as being a part of the MCM Comic Con. The whole venue is crowded with cosplayers and people dressing up as their favorite character from all kinds of Animes, Comics and TV series. The amount of effort that people are putting in their costumes is impressive and it’s great to see the excitement among people. Other than that, you get the chance to preview all kinds of video games, card games and fan stuff.


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Located at area S5 there is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Stand that will attract all types of Duelists across both the official Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Feel free to swing by and pick up an exclusive Game Mat. You even have the opportunity to get your stuff signed from the voice actors of Maximilian Pegasus and Mai Valentine.


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Yesterday, we broke another pre-registration record. We’ve had almost 1.600 Duelists pre-registering for YCS London. That’s amazing! Since we had to cap the event at 1.800 there were only 200 spots left for Saturday. We squeezed a few more people into the Main Event, but had to stop at 1.875 making this the largest YCS London ever yet again. First of all, we would like to thank you so much for your interest in attending YCS London. We apologize to all the people who tried to enter YCS London and couldn’t due to maximum capacity. Unfortunately, we also do not have the resources to set up a YCS London 2 as we did in Düsseldorf.


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We have 1.875 Duelists in competition today making it one of the biggest events in Yu-Gi-Oh! history. We will be playing 9 rounds of Swiss today and 3 more tomorrow. Then we well be cutting the field to Top 32 and continue with the Knock-Out Rounds. As usual there will be a huge number of Public Events throughout the weekend. Feature Matches will be on our live stream on Twitch and YouTube. On written coverage, we will be focusing on Quick Questions, Interviews and Pubic Events. Of course, this content will be accompanied by Strategy Content in order to provide you at home with all the ideas and innovation players came up with. Stay tuned for all the action at YCS London 2019.