Welcome to YCS Madrid: Day 2!

07.09.2014 | 9:50 |

Hundreds of Duelists in action yesterday.

Hundreds of Duelists in action yesterday.

Gooooooood morning folks and welcome to the second day of our YCS en Madrid, España.

Yesterday 463 Duelists started their quest for glory and the first ever ultra rare copy of [ascension] to be won. After seven rounds of Swiss we took a sleep-break and are now back ready to start the next round at 9am sharp.

As expected there are many Shaddoll Decks still on the top tables being joined by Tellarknights and Lightsworn; with the odd rogue Deck still beating away the competition. Would they be consistent enough to make it in to the top 32 later today? There’s only one way to find out!

Keep track of the written coverage here and the {stream} where Oli and Matt are once again bringing you some great strategy content and commentary and in a few hours we will have the winner of our first YCS in Madrid!