Welcome to YCS Milan 2019

30.11.2019 | 9:51 |

Hello and welcome to YCS Milan 2019! For the second time in a row we decided to end the year here in Italy. 2019 was a record-breaking year for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.




We started off with YCS Dusseldorf in February which sparked a huge interest among Duelists. In fact, attendance was so big we had to set up YCS Dusseldorf 2 within hours. The overall attendance was more than 2.700 Duelists combined. The trend from Dusseldorf continued throughout the whole year! We’ve had new attendance records almost each YCS culminating in YCS London where we hit the cap yet again.
For Milan we expect another record. In 2018 almost 1.800 decided to end the year with another great event. In the end, it was Dinh-Kha Bui from Germany piloting a sleeper pick all the way to the finals. He faced Federico Mecozzi from Italy running Thunder Dragons. Even though Federico had the home-turf advantage, Dinh-Kha finally took home his first YCS title. His Prank-Kids Deck was too much to handle for Thunder Dragons.




A week prior to this YCS we hosted a YCS in Pasadena, California. A lot of the European Duelists took the chance to go there and take part in the first large event after the latest Forbidden and Limited List. The event basically set the pace for YCS Milan and we are already very curious to find out how the metagame evolved. Should you be interested in checking out the coverage for YCS Pasadena, you find the coverage overview here. In return, quite a lot of Duelists from America already announced that they would be going to Milan as well. We are already looking forward to another reiteration of the eternal struggle to determine the better region.




We have 1.945 Duelists in the Main Event making this the biggest YCS ever in Italy, beating last years numbers yet again! We will be playing 8 rounds of Swiss today and 3 more tomorrow. Duelists with 15 points or higher are allowed to play on in Day 2. Then we well be cutting the field to Top 32 and continue with the Knock-Out Rounds. As usual there will be a huge number of Public Events. Feature Matches will be on our live stream on Twitch and YouTube. On written coverage, we will be focusing on Quick Questions, Interviews and Pubic Events. Of course, this content will be accompanied by Strategy Content in order to provide you at home with all the ideas and innovation players came up with. Stay tuned for all the action at YCS Milan 2019.