Welcome to YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2

25.11.2017 | 10:14 |
Welcome to YCS Prague 2017! No, you are not in a time warp. The Yu-Gi-Oh! circuit made his second stop in Prague this year. This is YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2! YCS Prague small


After SPYRAL dominated YCS London and YCS Dallas before, we tried to fix the issue by limiting some of the key cards of the SPYRAL Deck: Quik-Fix and Drone both were limited to one. Still, it seems like the Deck is versatile enough to cope with these changes. YCS San Diego proved that the Deck still has enough steam to deal with all the other Decks in the current metagame. I wonder if any Team and Duelist came up with a solution to beating SPYRALs consistently. I heard a lot of Duelists are trying to go second with SPYRALs trying to make best use of Evenly Matched. The thing is if everyone is prepared to go second the die roll becomes crucial again.


FM Table


We have a total of 1.027 players registered for the Main Event. We are going to play 11 Rounds of Swiss in total, 8 today and 3 more tomorrow. After that, we will cut to Top 32 and play another 5 knock-out Rounds until we have a new YCS Champion. Feature Matches will be on our live stream on Twitch and YouTube. On written coverage, we will be focusing on Quick Questions, Interviews and Pubic Events. Of course, this content will be accompanied by Strategy Content in order to provide you at home with all the ideas and innovation players came up with. Duelists, shuffle up! It’s time to duel!