Welcome to YCS Prague 2017

Duelists, get seated buckle up and prepare for two days of intense dueling! For the third time in a row Prague kicks things off in Europe.

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Prague is usually one of the coolest events of the year. People are very relaxed enjoying the trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Some of you may know that I’m from Vienna, Austria. Prague and Vienna are very similar when it comes to architecture. The big difference between the two cities is the price of food and goods. Going out in Prague is usually half the price compared to Vienna. That’s really cool!

Hanging out with friends is great fun and a vital part of the YCS experience. In Prague, it’s also affordable. But that is only one of the reasons for the big success of YCS Prague. It the atmosphere of the city: a mixture of post socialist architecture, new office buildings and the historical landmarks of the inner city.

Reg 1

On Friday, we already hat 450 preregistrations giving us a hint of what to expect today. Registration closed at 10 a.m. and the line was still huge. As usual the judge team did a great job and stuck to schedule.

Reg 2

This time we are at the PVA Expo in Prague, a large event center a little bit outside the city. There are 1.383 Duelists in attendance today, each looking to take home the title of YCS Champion. Taking late registrations into accont we might even beat 1.400! This is huge! We are going to play 8 Rounds of Swiss today. We will cut to 256 players tomorrow to play 3 more Rounds of Swiss before we cut again to Top 32. These 32 players will continue to run for the title in 5 more Knock-Out Rounds until we have a new YCS champion. Round 1 is about to start anytime. You can enjoy the live stream on Twitch and YouTube.

Duelists, shuffle up! It’s time to duel!

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