Welcome to YCS Rimini 2017

Here we go again! For the third time in a row we are starting the new season in Rimini, Italy. YCS Rimini – or as some people call it YCS Beachparty – is already a well-established stop of the whole YCS circuit.


This time YCS Rimini is special: it’s the first large scale event after introducing the Link-Summon mechanic to the game. Even though the rulings were already in effect for World Cahmpionships, the event is not very significant, when it comes to metagame predicitions and evaluation the impact of the Link monsters. So, our goal for this event is to put an emphasis on the new mechanic and the possible changes to the metagame. We will talk to some of the well-known Duelists and ask them for their assessment.

Other than that, we will also introduce a new article series to our written coverage “Pro-Talk”. This is going to be in-depth interviews with some of the best Duelists in the world in order to allow you – the readers – to take a look into their mindset when it comes to preparation, match-ups and deckbuilding. We would highly appreciate any feedback on how you like this new series.

A new season also brings along a new YCS Price Card:

We have a total of 1.040 players registered for the Main Event being the biggest YCS Rimini ever! That being said, we are going to play 11 Rounds of Swiss in total, 8 today and 3 more tomorrow. After that, we will cut to Top 32 and play another 5 knock-out Rounds until we have a new YCS Champion.
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Feature Matches will be on our live stream on Twitch and YouTube. On written coverage, we will be focusing on Quick Questions, Interviews and Pubic Events. Of course, this content will be accompanied by strategy content like Tech Updates in order to provide you at home with all the ideas and innovation players came up with. Stay tuned for more over the course of the weekend, and welcome to the YCS Rimini 2017!

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