Welcome to YCS Sydney 2020

Hello and welcome to YCS Sydney 2020! This is the 7th YCS to be held in Australia with the 6th one to be held in Sydney. YCS Sydney 2020 will have the pleasure of being not only the first YCS of the year but also the first YCS of the decade! Over the next few days we will have some action packed duels and memories created.

YCS Sydney 2020 Venue from outside

YCS Sydney is the biggest event held in Australia every year with over 800 players attending regularly to have their chance at winning the coveted prize card with this years’ being Duel Link Dragon, the Duel Dragon. Taking the title of the first YCS Winner of the year and decade is sure to be a long and difficult journey which only the most prepared duelists will be able to achieve.

Last year we were just shy of 900 players in the tournament. It was a true fairy tale story with Canada’s Jesse Kotton piloting his Danger! Thunder Dragon deck remaining undefeated throughout the whole tournament only to lose in the finals to Onur Gezer from Melbourne who was playing Altergeist having the home ground advantage. As this YCS takes place shortly after the festive season, not much action has been happening around the world so it will show who has taken the time to practice and understand the game.

This year we have just 744 players competing for first place. There will be 7 rounds of Swiss on Day 1 before everyone gets a break and then all duelist’s who have a score of 12 or higher will return on Day 2  to play the last 3 rounds of Swiss. After that, we will be cutting to the Top 32 and continue with the knockout rounds. Aside from the main event, there will be a variety of Public Events such as on demand Win-A-Mat events, Giant Cards and even the Mega Regionals. Our written coverage will focus on the main event but also feature some Quick Questions, Interview and Public Events. Check back here for ongoing coverage of YCS Sydney 2020.



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