Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series London!

Good afternoon one and all and welcome to [ycs] London!

Over the next 3 days, hundreds of Duelists will descend on the English capital to compete in one of the highlight events of the year. While the main event kicks off tomorrow morning, there will be plenty for people to see and do today, as the Public Events are open for all to compete in!

In addition, there are numerous Yu-Gi-Oh! Brand Activites for visitors to take part in, such as Number Monsters Bingo, Giant Dueling and the Wheel of Fortune. We’re also showing the Yu-Gi-Oh! [i]Bonds Beyond Time[/i] movie for those that want to see how their Dueling heros fare against the mightiest of foes!

This weekend is sure to be one to remember for everybody that attends, and we’ll be following all the top stories throughout the 3 days. Make sure to check back later when we’ll be taking a look around and everything that’s going on!

Welcome to London, [b][i]it’s time to Duel![/b][/i]

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