Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Prague!


Good morning everyone and welcome to Prague, and the first European YCS of the year! Duelists from all around have headed to the Czech republic for the country’s first international-level Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG event and we’re almost ready to get underway!

Over 600 Duelists are in attendance here today with Registration almost complete, and the Dueling environment is very different to what we saw at YCS Milan and YCS Sydney before Christmas. Back then we were just getting used to a shift in the metagame with the introduction of Qliphort, and additions to the Burning Abyss and Shaddoll archetypes. Now we’re looking at something completely different as a new and powerful archetype has entered the arena, Nekroz!

[thsf] was released a few weeks ago and the Ritual-themed Deck has already been making a big impact. It’s pace, power and versatility mean that it jumped straight to the top tables and has already been winning Regional Qualifiers and taking charge of [ycs] Matches in North America. Now it’s Europe’s turn to show what the Deck can do, and what the other archetypes can do to stop it.

There have also been new innovations elsewhere however. [sece] saw a lot of archetypes get one-off additions to their arsenal which have produced surprising results, the most notable being a Volcanic Deck that tripped up a lot of the established Decks in North America. HERO decks are set to make a return with due to [sdhs] and we should see Yosenju and Infernoids make an appearance too.

As always, Europe’s top players are in attendance and many of them will be in the playoffs tomorrow afternoon. We’ll be seeing some of them at the Feature Match table throughout the weekend and it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle this new metagame.

Over the next 2 days we will be providing comprehensive event coverage, with our simultaneous video and written updates. Oliver Gehrmann and Robert Grayson-Hooley will be your commentary team, and Rudolf Weissinger will be providing written updates. Peter Frottier and myself will be posting standings, editing content and overviewing the coverage to make sure it’s of the highest quality for you all at home. You can find the relevant links at the top of the sidebar to the right of this blog post.

It’s set to be an exciting event and a great way to kick off 2015. Let the Duels begin!

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