Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Rimini!

Good morning everyone around the globe following our live coverage of YCS Rimini. After hosting last year’s World Championships the YCS circuit is making its first stop here in this beautiful city at the Italian Adria. Should you find time to spare I would really recommend you to check out the beach, it’s really beautiful here! But now let’s get back to business: YCS Rimini is about to start!

Palacongressi Rimini[abstand]
Rimini is a small city at the coast of the Mediterranian Sea and a popular spot for tourists from all over Europe to spend their summer holidays. There are also some very nice “Ristorante e Trattoria” to have lunch or dinner. In case you are a coffee lover – just like me – I would like to advise to try “un café” at an Italian bar.

But today it’s not about food and vacation, it’s about competition and [ygo]. 1,099 players are in attendance here at YCS Rimini and we are about to start Round 1 shortly. You can enjoy the live stream on our Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/officialyugiohchannel .

This is the first big event held using the new Forbidden & Limited List from July 2015 as well as cards from [core]. The whole team is very curious on how these changes will affect the way players are approaching the Duels and what they came up with for this event. Stay tuned for all the news and updates here at the official coverage page and on Twitch.

Over the next two days we will provide you with all the good stuff you are already used to: Feature Matches and Player Interviews hosted by Oliver Gehrmann and Luke Withington. I will provide you with the written coverage focusing on Decks and Techs as well as Pictures from the event.

We are set for an exciting event. Let the Duels begin!

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