Who’s playing what in the Top 32

15.04.2012 | 12:44 |

[p]Want to know where our top Duelists are from and what they’re playing, find out now![/p]

That guy's in Top 32, and that guy, and that guy....


Noel Garde France Dark World
Jean-Francois Celentano France Dark World
Sebastien Gonzalez Belgium Dino Rabbit
Tudor Mitchell France Dino Rabbit
Pierre Pradelles France Dino Rabbit
Stephane Chenard France Dino Rabbit
Leeroy Bitbol France Dino Rabbit
Franck Bourgerie France Dino Rabbit
Timo Ehrenberger Germany Dino Rabbit
Dimitri Lianopoulos Belgium Dino Rabbit
Bernardo Guerriero Portugal Dino Rabbit
Jack Bruun Sweden Dino Rabbit
Marco Ahr Switzerland Dino Rabbit
Simon He United Kingdom Dino Rabbit
Raja Sood United Kingdom Dino Rabbit
Kristoffer Nielsen Germany Dino Rabbit
Peter Gross Austria Dragon
Rodrigo Togores Spain HERO
Tom Paine United Kingdom HERO
Max Van Nijverseel Belgium Inzektor
Abdou Toure France Inzektor
Cristiain Passalacqua France Inzektor
Maxence Ragot France Inzektor
Ronny Reitz Germany Inzektor
Raul Wehnge Germany Inzektor
Daniel Lutter Germany Inzektor
Auigi Alici Italy Inzektor
Kevin Thiebaut France Twilight
Denis Scorcioni Belgium Wind-Up
Dennis Verspeek Germany Wind-Up
Stefan Faust Germany Wind-Up
Jake Quinsee United Kingdom Wind-Up