Winner of the Mega Regional

29.08.2017 | 7:36 |
The Mega Regional is a rather new addition to the Public Events schedule. It stands out from all of the rest, because you get a chance to win a YCS Price Card from the past. This time it was a copy of Ascension Sky Dragon.


Gianni Barone


Name: Gianni Barone Age: 18 Country: Italy, Napoli What Deck did play today? Pure Zoo, it is the most consistent Deck and hardly ever bricks. I was confident entering the Main Event with it. For the Mega Regional I made a few changes: I removed the Kaijus from the Main Deck and added Dark Hole and Raigeki to it. I also switched Book of Moon and Torrential Tribute for two copies of Pot of Desires and that was a good decision. Why did you choose to enter the Mega Regional? I found that it was the most interesting Public Event on Sunday, because it has the best prize support and offers a qualification for the next WCQ. Any last words? I want to give shoutouts to all of my friends who lend me some cards for my Deck and the judge of the Mega Regional! He helped me out a lot with his translations.