Winners of the Mega LLDS

23.09.2018 | 19:06 |
The Mega LLDS is fairly new in our ever growing Public Event schedule. The events offers the chance to earn an invite to Stage 2 as well as to win Super Rare versions of previous YCS Prize Cards. For this event we gave out Number 93: Utopia Kaiser and since we had 2 undefeated players after 6 Rounds of Swiss we gave out two copies!


Massimiliano Lucci


Name: Massimiliano Lucci Age: 26 Country: UK, but originally from Italy What Deck did play today? Altergeist, I would call it Anti-Utrecht Deck. When I came here the 1st day we realized that True Draco is a very popular Deck, although we didn’t have it on our radar. I struggled a lot in this match-up. My build was not tailored for the Deck. Over night, I worked on a new build for Utrecht, changing my Main as well as my Side Deck. The usual build runs 3 Rivalry. The card is useless against True Draco, so I decided to put it in my Side Deck. Why did you choose to enter the Mega LLDS? I wanted to get the prize card. I wanted to play another tournament. Initially, I wanted to enter an Attack of the Giant Card, but I didn’t want to end up getting kicked out in singe elimination. So I went for the Mega LLDS and I’m very happy with my decision. Any last words? Shoutouts to my team Team Defiant. The time with you guys playing the game I love is so valuable to me. Shoutouts to my teammates which is Shojib, Amar and Tom. And finally, congratulations to the other winner of the card. We know each other very well, we play at the same local.


Leon D. Ranger


Name: Leon D. Ranger Age: 27 Country: UK What Deck did play today? Mekk-Knight Invoked Sky Striker – I already started playing Invoked during SPYRAL format. I focused on building an OTK version and decided to pursue it. After the release of the new Forbidden & Limited List, there was only one week to prepare. I decided to stick to what I know. Why did you choose to enter the Mega LLDS? I hadn’t qualified yet. All of my teammates had their invites. So, my main goal was to earn my invited and the prize card was a nice addition! Any last words? Shoutouts ty my Team The Desciples, shoutouts to the Brotherhood and Michael and Jamie for supporting the team.