Winners of the Team Public Event

While most players made their way to Bochum to participate in the main event and chase their dream of becoming a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Winner, some showed up specifically for our public event schedule. As it turns out, it can be rather rewarding to ditch the huge competition in the main event and try your luck in a format that no one knows too well so far.

Andreas Romich, Florian Reiner und Andreas Lauscher participated in the team side event and won the whole thing! They walked away with brand new trade binders, packed with a complete set of Turbo Pack 1 AND Turbo Pack 2!

I asked them how they won the tournamnet and they explained their strategy: “We all played different decks so it would be harder for our opponents to make us out! Anreas L. is playing Flamvells, Florian is piloting a Naturia deck and Andreas R. tried his luck with his Dandywarrior deck!”

That’s an interesting take on a team event, rather than deciding on a “best deck” and having all members of the team play it, they opted to pick decks that worked best with their individual strenghts. Some opposing teams were all playing the same deck which could result in them facing a different team (also playing the same deck) and having to fight an uphill battle due to a bad match-up. This could never happen to the winners of this unique tournament as their decks were working in completely different ways. So whenever they were facing a different team with all players relying on the same deck, at least one of the three had a favorable match-up!

The players weren’t too happy with the number of teams in the event, however, they pointed out that it’s rather understandable with everyone wanting to participate in the first European YCS. The public events starting tomorrow will most certainly have a larger attendance, also featuring amazing prizes! So even if day 1 of a YCS isn’t going that well for you, you’ll always have an opportunity to take home some cool prizes!

Andreas Romisch, Florian Reiner and Andreas Lauscher did just that and hope for a repeat performance tomorrow. They want to greet their friends from Aachen and Düren, cities rather close to our location. Seems like the “home advantage” also worked in their favor.

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