Wrapping up the YCS.

02.12.2012 | 17:32 |

YCS Barcelona is nearing its completion, with the Finals about to begin. Here's a brief look back at how the 2 days have gone for Duelists.


A truly international event, even American Duelists showed up in Barcelona.

The YCS kicked off with over 800 Duelists competing in 7 rounds of swiss on Saturday. We had Duelists from Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany, everywhere else around Europe and even a dozen from the United States! Duelists of all ages and experience Levels Dueled with the aim to make it to Day 2, with some being more successful than others.


Wind-Ups were extremely successful this weekend, covering almost half the Top 32.

The Decks were just as diverse as the Duelists; with people bringing anything and everything to the international stage. Wind-Ups, Mermail, Inzektors and Dino Rabbit were all expected in large numbers but it was the rogue Decks that were catching people out the most. Duelists that took a risk and brought Decks like Dragunity, Chain Burn, Prophecy, Flamvell and many more were all doing quite well in Day 1, which resulted in around 20 different Decktypes making it to Day 2.


Luca Meroni won his Feature Match.

The Feature Matches tend to highlight the most interesting Decks or Duelists that we see on the tournament floor. We had wonderful Wind-Ups, daring Dragunities, fantastic Flamvell, amazing Agents, incredible Inzektors and many more as well. Some Duelists were able to rise to the occasion or even play above their normal Level, spurred on by the prospect of seeing their match immortalised online; we saw some impressive Chains, combos and reads that showed just how skilful the players can be.


Day 2 saw more Dueling action.

As the event moved on to Sunday, the focus was firmly placed on making it to Top 32. After that, it was a case of winning your way to the top. Some Duelists had an easier path to Top 32 whereas others had to win all their matches and get good tiebreakers to make it in. One of those was Simon He, who despite making the Top Cut of 7 YCS events already this year, barely scraped in with 30th place. That just goes to show how strong the majority of YCS competitors are.


Between them these Duelists have won 4 YCS titles.

The field was eventually reduced to 32 Duelists, all of which have had different journeys to where they are today. Some of them are YCS Champions, some are returning players; a few first-timers to the Top Cut made it as well. Every Duelist would have their own story to tell, but the event wasn't over yet.


Public Events were packed as Duels took place everywhere.

While the playoffs were taking place, the Public Events were extremely active. Win-A-Mats were being hotly contested, Regionals gave Duelists invites for 2013, GIANT CARDS were awarded and many more besides (including the YCS Trial, which would aware the winner with a big prize). Even though their hopes of winning the main event were over, the Duelists were still competing, and still in with a shot of a Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry prize card.


Jack Bruun made it all the way to the finals.

The main event was still continuing, and 2 Duelists would outperform all others. Jack Bruun beat 2 YCS winners to make his way to the finals, while Frederico Zoppini's Matches were also hotly contested. As I write this Duelists are filling the venue with noise as they watch the finals (and the great plays) on the big screen. We will know who our winner is shortly, so stay tuned!