Xyz Monsters: Coming to an Extra Deck near you.

16.07.2011 | 13:32 |

[p]This weekend, the majority of Extra Decks are using only Synchro Monsters, as well as the occasional Fusion Monster like [cfd] or the Gladiator Beast Fusions, but that’s about to change! The WCQ events this weekend are the final high profile events to take place before [sdxyz] becomes tournament legal across the world (you can use them in Public Events here today), and a whole new type of monster is available to use.[/p]


Number 39: Utopia will be played in almost every Deck out there!


[p][sdxyz] is the latest Starter Deck designed to teach new Duelists how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, but it’s also the first place you can go to find the Xyz Monsters! These black-framed monsters are similar to Synchro Monsters and go in your Extra Deck, but you don’t use any Tuners to Summon them. Instead, you overlay 2 monsters of the same Level on top of each other, and then place the Xyz Monster on top of them. Those 2 monsters then become “Xyz Materials”, which you can detach to activate that Xyz Monster’s effect. Once you’re out of Xyz Materials, you won’t be able to use that effect anymore, so use them wisely![/p]

[p]As well as the black frame and a new way to Summon a monster, Xyz Monsters have another thing that sets them apart from every monster card you’ve seen before; they don’t have a Level! Instead of Levels, Xyz Monsters have Ranks, which are displayed on the left of the card with different looking stars to a regular monster. While that means that you can’t use Xyz Monsters to Synchro Summon or to make another Xyz Monster, it does mean that they’re unaffected by cards like [llab] and [bind], which can bring up some interesting strategies![/p]

[p][sdxyz] comes with 3 Xyz Monsters. First up is [39], a Rank 4 Xyz Monster with 2500 ATK. Whenever a monster declares an attack you can detach 1 Xyz Material from Utopia to negate the attack, but if Utopia has no Xyz Materials attached when it’s attacked, it’s destroyed instantly, so be careful when choosing which attacks to negate! [ggg] is a Rank 2 monster (which makes it easy to Summon in Agent decks thanks to their [shine][s]), and for every Xyz Material attached to it, all of your monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF. While that may not seem like much it’s just what you need to make sure your [herald] has enough DEF to survive attacks from pretty much anything your opponent can throw at you, while you keep negating their cards. The final new Xyz Monster you’ll be able to play from Monday onwards is [greno] (Rank 3). When [greno] destroys a monster in battle and sends it to the Graveyard you can detach 1 Xyz Material to inflict 1000 damage to your opponent. At 2000 ATK [greno] can take down most commonly played non-Synchro monsters, so there’s always a chance to get its effect off.[/p]

[p]Yu-Gi-Oh! as we know it changes after this weekend, and if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition be sure to give [sdxyz] a look and try out these exciting new monsters![/p]