YCS Barcelona – Coverage overview day 1

Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Saturday of our live coverage from the YCS Barcelona.

News & Updates
Welcome to YCS Barcelona!
Our first YCS Barcelona WCQ Regional Winner!
Attack of the Giant Seal!!
That’s it for Day 1.

Standings & Playoffs
Standings after round 3
Standings after round 4
Standings after round 5
Standings after round 6
Final Standings of day 1

Feature Matches
Round 1: Diego Badinotti (Prophecy) vs. Cyril Eguerre (Hero Beat)
Round 2: Angel Matas vs Filipe Benedetto
Round 3: Sean Jones (Agents) vs. Cano Polatius (Flip Flop)
Round 4: Julien Lafon vs Luca Meroni
Round 5: Daniel Cairns (Inzektor) vs. Teresa Vairo (Hero Beat)
Round 6: Frazier Smith vs Nicolas Petz
Round 7: Ping Xiao (Dino Rabbit) vs. Samuel Gutierrez Olivs (Dino Rabbit)

Deck Analysis & Strategy
The Decks to expect at YCS Barcelona
Deck Analysis: Diego Badinotti’s Prophecy Deck

Registration has begun.
A look at the venue prior to the beginning
Talking to 2 World Dragon Duelists!
A look at the action from Round 1.
Duelist Diary YCS Barcelona #1
QQ: What was the “Card of the Year”?
A quick chat with Simon He
2012 in Review
A look at the action during Round 4
Top Tables in Round 4
A look at the action from Round 5.
Duelist Diary Update #1
QQ: What were your personal Highlights in 2012?
The Top Tables for Round 7
Diary Duelist Update #2

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