YCS Barcelona – Coverage overview day 2

Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Sunday of our live coverage from the YCS Barcelona.

News & Updates
Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Barcelona.
Dragon Duel Public Event just decided
Top 8 Profiles
Wrapping up the YCS.
We have a YCS Trial Winner!
More Attack of the Giant Card champions!!!
Pictures of the Award Zeremony

Standings & Playoffs
Standings after round 8
Standings after round 9
Final Standings of YCS Barcelona
Top 32 Playoffs
Top 32 results
Top 16 Playoffs
Top 16 Playoff results
Top 8 playoffs
Top 8 Playoff results and Top 4 Pairings

Feature Matches
Round 8: Peter Groß (Inzektor) vs. Nuno Ribeiro (Wind-Up)
Round 9: Fabio Minicozzi vs Walid Ben-Abbes
Round 10: Ioannis Mourelatos (Mermail) vs. Carlos Perez (Mermail)
Top 32: Simon He (Agents) vs. Frederico Zoppini (Mermail)
Top 16: Peter Groß vs Jack Bruun
Quarter Finals: Ali Fawaz (Agents) vs. Luca Chetoni (Wind-Up)
Top 4: Stephan Sluis vs Jack Bruun
Finals: Federico Zoppini (Mermails) vs. Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit)

Deck Analysis & Strategy
Walid Ben-Abbes’ Flamvell Deck
Day 2 Stat Attack!
Top 32 Stat Attack!
Deck Analysis: Nicolas Pirasteh’s Malefic Dragons!
Julien Lafon’s Dragunity Deck

A look at the action from Round 8.
QQ: What’s your favorite new archetype?
Top Tables Round 9
A look at the action from Top 32.
Who’s playing what in the Top 32.
A look at the action from Top 8.
Public Events Extravaganza

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