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[b][u]News & Announcements:[/b][/u]
Welcome to YCS Berlin!
The number of the day: 1204!
New to European YCS events: Online Pairings!
Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Berlin

[b][u]Feature Matches:[/b][/u]
Round 1: Roman Kieser (Prophecy) vs. Lukas Prinz (Zombies)
Round 2: Patrik Rieder (Mermail) vs Simon Gotama (Constellar)
Round 3: Albader Bader (Bujin) vs. Marcus S. (Chain Burn)
Round 4: Armend Mustafi (Cyber Dragon) vs Tobias Brendler (Fire Fist)
Round 5: Niels Vingerhoets (Harpies) vs. Roman Porubsky (Fire Fist)
Round 6: Torben von Borstel (Madolche) vs Sascha Fabian (Firefist)
WCQ Regionals: Kim Verheyen (Hieractic Dragon Rulers) vs Frederic Janoy (Firefist)
Round 7: Pitai Meyer (Fire Fist) vs. Rafael Neven (Fire Fist)
Round 8: Soner Güngör (Mermails) vs Andreas Moeller (Gravekeeper)
Round 9: Michael Ciplak (Fire King) vs Dilan Demongeot (Mermails)
Round 10: Richard Cherry (Fire Fist) vs. Alexis Payet (Mermail)
Round 11: Rodrigo Togores (Infernity) vs Piran Asci (Infernity)
Round 11: The Mega Feature!
Top 32: Carl Manigat (Hieratic) vs. Joshua Schmidt (Mermails)
Top 16: Besnik Kajtazi (Mermail) vs Florian Hofmann (Chain Burn)
Top 8: Matthew Mills (Fire Fist) vs Ole Wegner (Hieratics)
Top 8: Alpay Engin (Mermails) vs. Mattia Graziuso (Fire Fist)
Top 4: Alpay Engin (Mermail) vs Matthew Mills (Fire Fist)
Top 4: Besnik Kajtazi (Mermail) vs. Aris Samaras (Geargia)
Finals: Besnik Kajtazi (Mermail) vs. Alpay Engin (Mermail)

Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8
End of Swiss

[b][u]Playoff Pairings:[/b][/u]
Top 16
Top 8
Top 4

[b][u]Deck Analysis:[/b][/u]
Giovanni Capecci’s Harpie Ladys
Stefan Suessenberger’s Musical Mischief Makers
Armend Mustafi’s Cyber Dragons
Björn Schulz’ X-Sabers
Andreas Moeller’s Gravekeeper Deck
Johannes Kobelt’s Chain Beat!
Michael Fridman’s Xyz-Frogs
Michael Ciplak’s Fire Kings!

[b][u]Duelist Profiles:[/b][/u]
Duelist Profile: Alexandra Louise (as Yuya Sakaki)
Duelist Profile: Kian Clemens
Our Duelists from Kuwait!
Top 8 Profiles

[b][u]Picture Galleries:[/b][/u]
Utopia has arrived!
Saturday Registration
Round 1
Round 3
Saturday Public Events
Round 9
Sunday Public Events
Top 32
Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise at YCS Berlin!
Top 16

[b][u]Public Events:[/b][/u]
Saturday Roundup
Our first GIANT CARD winner!
Saturday Win-A-Mat Wnners!
Sunday Roundup
We have a Dragon Duel winner!
WCQ Regionals Player Profile: Gillian Van Sande
Giant Card Winner Number 2!
Giant Card Winner Number 3!
Giant Card Winner Number 4!
Giant Card Winner Number 5!
Sunday’s Win-A-Mat winners!
We have a Public Events Playoff Winner!
We have a winner at the Random Public Events Playoff!

[b][u]Top Tables:[/b][/u]
Round 4
Round 6

[b][u]Strategy Content:[/b][/u]
Top Tech Picks for YCS Berlin
The Decks to expect at YCS Berlin

[b][u]Quick Questions:[/b][/u]
How did you get to Berlin?
What Deck do you think will win YCS Berlin?
What are your favorite LVAL cards?
What is your favourite card?
What was your toughest matchup this weekend?

[b][u]Other Updates:[/b][/u]
Behind the scenes: The Deck Check Team

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