YCS Bochum 2013 – Coverage overview day 2

24.02.2013 | 20:22 |
Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Sunday of our live coverage from the YCS Bochum 2013. News & Updates Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Bochum 2013. Here’s 2 ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winners! The winner of the Dragon Duel Championship Two special Public Event victories go to Spain! Here’s another ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner! Top 8 Profiles Public Events Wrap-Up We have another Battle Pack Draft Winner! We have a YCS Trial winner! The Public Events Playoff winners of YCS Bochum 2013. Pictures of the Award Ceremony Standings & Playoffs YCS Bochum 2013 – Standings after Round 9 YCS Bochum 2013 – Standings after Round 10 YCS Bochum 2013 – Final Standings after Swiss YCS Bochum 2013 – Top 32 Playoff Pairings YCS Bochum 2013 – Top 32 Playoff Results & Top 16 Playoff Pairings YCS Bochum 2013 – Top 16 Playoff Results and Top 8 Pairings YCS Bochum 2013 – Top 8 Playoff Results & Top 4 Pairings Feature Matches Round 9: Matt Goodridge (Mermail) vs Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit) Round 10: Steffen Eichelberger (Dark World) vs. Antoine Duval (Macro Rabbit) Round 11: Phi-Long Ly (HERO) vs Maximillian Weiss (Mermail) Top 32: Sandor Malinowski (Six Samurai) vs. Jan Groenke (Dino Rabbit) Top 16: Sheik Soegrimsingh (Dino Rabbit) vs Anthony Francis (Fire Fist) Top 8: Nick Boulbassakos (Mermail) vs. Phi-Long Ly (Bubble Beat) Top 4: Alpay Engin (Wind-Up) vs Nick Boulbasakos (Mermail) The Finals: Stefano Memoli (Fire Fist) vs. Alpay Engin (Wind-Up) Deck Analysis & Strategy Deck Analysis: Martin Funke’s Dimensional Volcanics Tech Update Deck Analysis: Steffen Eichelberger’s Peaceful Dark World Creative Decks in the last Swiss Round Who’s playing what in the Top 32. Comparing the Top 32 Decks of YCS Bochum and Miami. Deck Analysis: Sandor Malinowski’s Six Samurai Day 2 Deck and Duelist breakdowns for YCS Bochum 2013. Other Thank you Volunteers! QQ: What’s your favorite card from Cosmo Blazer? Day 2′s Public Events are underway. Quick Player Profiles