YCS Bochum 2013 – Top 8 Playoff Results & Top 4 Pairings

Here are the Results of the Top 8 Playoff round as well as the Pairings for the Top 4 of YCS Bochum 2013.

Top 8 Results

Malinowski, Sandor vs. Engin, Alpay
Boulbassakos, Nick vs. Ly, Phi-Long
Stefano, Memoli vs. Soegrimsingh, Sheik
Beu, Matthias vs. Peiris, Piyal

The Winner of each Match is marked in yellow.

Top 4 Pairings

Engin, Alpay vs. Boulbassakos, Nick
Stefano, Memoli vs. Peiris, Piyal
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