YCS Bochum 2016: Award Ceremony

11.12.2016 | 20:00 |

YCS Bochum, the biggest YCS ever in Europe with more than 1.600 Duelists, is in the books! We had two of the worlds best Duelists duking it out in the finals with Billy Brake coming out victorious in the end. Joshua Schmidt managed to maintain a perfect record until the finals. After beating Billy Brake in Round 10 of Swiss, the latter took revenge in the finals making him a 4 time YCS winner! Here are the pictures from the award ceremony.

[abstand]Top 4
The Top 4 of YCS Bochum 2016: Biily Brake, Eugen Heidt, Marcello Barberi, Joshua Schmidt.
Billy Brake
The winner of YCS Bochum 2016: Billy Brake from Dallas, Texas.
Joshua Schmidt
Runner Up: Joshua Schmidt from Germany.
Eugen Heidt
3rd place: Eugen Heidt from Germany.
Marcello Barberi
4th place: Marcello Barberi