YCS Bochum 2018: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

24.02.2018 | 12:11 |
Statistics are a vital part of our YCS coverage. For the first part of this weekend's coverage we would like to provide you with the overall Deck & Country Breakdown of YCS Bochum 2018. Deck Breakdown Day 1


The most popular Deck this weekend is Pendulum Magician. There are different versions of the Deck in competition and we already curious to find out which one will be more successful. The second most popular Deck is Trickstar and coming in third is True Draco. Lightsworn Zombie is also making a strong showing in Bochum, but will it be consistent enough to beat Pendulum?


Country Breakdown Day 1


Germany is leading the pack with more than 1.200 Duelists in competition. It seems like announcing this YCS early on attracted a lot of new Duelists from Germany. I spoke to a few guys in the venue and a lot of them were 1st timers. As usual, Italy has the second highest number of Duelists in attendance. The Netherlands are coming in third sending almost 100 Duelists to Bochum. France is making a strong statement with 87 Duelists here today.