YCS Brussels – Coverage Overview

Here are all of the coverage articles posted from Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Brussels, enjoy!

[br][b][u]Pre-Event Content:[/b][/u]
Coming up… Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Brussels
The Re-Draw Rule: What it is and How it Works
Don’t forget: Pre-Registration takes place tomorrow!
Important Public Event reminders for YCS Brussels
Introducing the God Card Game Mat!
Say hello to Giant Hand!
Rounding up the YCS Brussels Reveals
Even the Judges are getting involved in Sealed Pack Play!
The main event kicks off tomorrow!

[br][b][u]News Updates & Announcements:[/b][/u]
Welcome to YCS Brussels! (Friday)
Day 1 of YCS Brussels will be underway soon!
The number of the Day: 544!
Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Brussels!
YCS Brussels Awards Ceremony!

[br][b][u]Feature Matches:[/b][/u]
Coverage Feature Duel: Peter Frottier vs Robert Grayson-Hooley
Round 1: Peter Groß vs. Florent Henebert
Round 2 Feature Match: Tom Paine (UK) vs Jake Quinsee (UK)
Round 3: Michael Ciplak (Austria) vs. Stephan Sluis (Netherlands)
Round 4 Feature Match: Luca Chetoni (Italy) vs Sebastien Levacher (France)
Round 5: Sebastien Gonzalez (Belgium) vs. Daniel Tran (France)
Round 6: Soner Güngör vs Vincent Ralambomiadana
Round 7: James Johnson (USA) vs. Mike Bittrich (Germany)
Round 8: Matt Goodridge (UK) vs Mustapha Motoi (Belgium)
Round 9: Mathijs Schuurman (Netherlands) vs. Sebastien Ma (France)
Round 10: Piran Asci (Germany) vs Anthony Tutu (Germany)
Top 32: Rodrigo Togores (España) vs. Stewart Almeida (Luxembourg)
Top 16: Andrea Zenari (Italia) vs Peter Heider (Deutschland)
Top 8: Joshua Schmidt (Germany) vs. Brian Greiving (Netherlands)
Top 4: Soner Güngör (Deutschland) vs Peter Groß (Austria)
Finals: Michel Grüner (Germany) vs. Peter Groß (Austria)

[br][b][u]Picture Galleries:[/b][/u]
A look around the Venue
Saturday Deck Construction!
Pictures from the early rounds!
Duelists in Focus: Round 4
A look at Saturday’s Public Events!
Duelists in Focus – Sunday Deck Registration
A look at the Top 32!
A look at the top 8!
A look at Sunday’s Public Events!

Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7 (End of Day 1)
Round 8
Round 9
Round 10 (End of Swiss)

[br][b][u]Playoff Pairings:[/b][/u]
Top 16
Top 8
Top 4

[br][b][u]Duelist Profiles:[/b][/u]
Duelist Profile: Lionel Warin & Soulaimane Lamrani
Duelist Profile: Dimitri Bellaiche
Top 8 Profiles

[br][b][u]Quick Questions:[/b][/u]
QQ: What cards would you like to open?
QQ: What’s your favourite change to the Forbidden & Limited list?
QQ: What’s your sealed Deck building strategy?
QQ: How satisfied are you with the cards you opened?
QQ: How did you get to Brussels?
QQ: Where would you like the next European Championships to be held?
QQ: Where would you like the next World Championship to take place?

[br][b][u]Public Events:[/b][/u]
Public Events at YCS Brussels!
We have our first WCQ Regional winner!
Attack of the Giant Card Winner for Saturday!
First WCQ Regional Winner for Sunday!
We have a Dragon Duel Winner!
Second WCQ Regional Winner Sunday!
Attack of the Giant Card! Winner Sunday
We have a winner at the YCS Trial!
Third WCQ Regional Winner Sunday!
We have a winner at the Public Events Playoffs!
Meet Our Public Events Random Playoff Winner: Oliver Lukenda!

[br][b][u]Other Content:[/b][/u]
Tournament coverage and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database
Sealed Pack Play Strategies
The Sealed Pack Play Make-Over
Robert’s Battle Pack 2 Deck!
James’ (ultimate) Battle Pack 2 Deck!
Oli’s (unbeatable) Battle Pack 2 Deck
Day 2 Duelist Breakdown for YCS Brussels
Day 2 Deck Construction!
Day 1 Top 20 Duelist Sealed Pool Breakdowns


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