YCS Champion interview

YCS Sydney’s champion has been crowned! Yaowei Zhang bested 857 other competitors to become Sydney’s newest YCS Champion. We took some time to speak to him about his Deck, and he has some exciting things to share about his Deck and his experiences in the event!

Top 4 Yaowei

[b]Why did you decide to play Performapal Performage in the main event?[/b]

[quote][b]Yaowei:[/b] I chose to play Performapal Performage because it’s so much stronger than any other deck when it gets its engine going, and other decks pale in comparison to it. It was definitely the best choice for the event.[/quote]


[b]What’s your ideal opening move with this Deck?[/b]

[quote][b]Yaowei:[/b] It really depends on what hand traps your opponent is playing, but once you know them there’s a lot you can do. If you can play defensive monsters while also setting up your Pendulum Scales and using some effects like [pp liz], you can be in a good position. If you can do that and have a hand trap like [maxx] for your opponent’s turn, then they can’t push through your field unless they’re going to win that turn, which is hard against the kinds of defensive monsters you Summon, like [tt raffle].[/quote]


[b]Did you have any Tech cards that really helped you out in the event?[/b]

[quote][b]Yaowei:[/b] Definitely [chalice]. It’s great against both Kozmo and Performapal Decks. When you’re going first you can Set it and stop their [pp sj], and when going second you can use it to stop their Rafflesia or [cydra inf]. [/quote]


[b]What was your worst matchup?[/b]

[quote][b]Yaowei:[/b] Burning Abyss. The ones I played against in Swiss were difficult because they used so many Traps to counter my moves. In one game I used 3 [twisters] and it didn’t even save me! [/quote]


[b]Do you have any final words?[/b]

[quote][b]Yaowei:[/b] I’d like to give a shoutout to Oliver Parle. I went to Europe with him recently, and by spending a month with him I got a lot better as a player. I was recommended to a deck building e-book and it was a fantastic tool to help me improve my game.

Also to Johnathon Thomas. He gave me the skeleton for the Deck in Europe, and he helped me learn how to play the Deck.

And finally to all of my friends for coming out to Sydney, and thanks to everyone for supporting me![/quote]

Yaowei Deck

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your event experience, Yaowei, and congratulations on your first place finish!

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