YCS Düsseldorf 2: Day 1 Deck & Country Breakdown

23.02.2019 | 20:57 |
YCS Düsseldorf 2 is up and running and we are glad we were able to set up this whole event on such short notice. There are almost 500 Duelists in competition and there will be 6 Rounds of Swiss today and 3 more Rounds tomorrow. After that we will cut to Top 16 and continue with the Knock Out Rounds.


Day 1 Deck Country Breakdown Düsseldorf 2


Country-wise we get a similiar picture as in YCS Düsseldorf 1. Germany is first with almost 300 Duelists. Coming in second is Italy. France is third and the United Kingdom is in fourth place.


Day 1 Deck Breakdown Düsseldorf 2


Salamangreat is the most popular Deck at YCS Düsseldorf 2 as well. Almost 100 Duelists chose to run the Deck. Coming in second place is Sky Striker. In third place is Thunder Dragon, which was second at YCS Düsseldorf 1. True Draco, Pendulum and Trickstar are also very popular this weekend.