YCS Düsseldorf 2: Top 16 Deck & Country Breakdown

24.02.2019 | 18:46 |
Only 16 Duelists remain. At first they were on the brink of going home. But we came up with a solution and suddenly they may become the next ycs winners. All of them worked hard to get here. Only two will make it to the finals! Here are the Deck and country breakdowns of YCS Düsseldorf 2.




The most succesful country at YCS Düsseldorf 2 was Italy with 7 Duelists in the Top 16. Runner-up is Germany with 6 Duelists.




Other thank YCS Düsseldorf 1 Salamangreat and Sky Striker go head to head into the Top 16. Both archtypes placed 4 Decks in the Top 16. Sky Striker has the far better conversion rate for this event than Salamangreat.