YCS Düsseldorf 2

23.02.2019 | 17:09 |

Wow, what a turn of events! YCS Düsseldorf had to be spilt up two separate events due to the sheer number of participants.

We have almost 500 Duelists in YCS Düsseldorf 2 and all of them were patient enough to wait for us to finish setting up. Everybody is in a good mood and happy to get the chance to duel. Thanks to the staff team and Tournament Center for making this possible. The appreciation is almost overwhelming.


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019


YCS Düsseldorf 2 is taking place in the Rheinland Saal of Hilton Düsseldorf. It was the only location that offered the flexibility and it was close enough to the original venue. We are playing 6 Rounds of Swiss here today. There will be 3 more Rounds of Swiss tomorrow for all the Duelists with x points or more. Please be aware that the event will continue at the Düsseldorf Messe (the original venue).
In order to make this possible we had to improvise. We had to recruit more judges to make to run this event and there were enough willing to help. Thanks guys, we appreciate!


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019


The roster of YCS Düsseldorf is stacked! At first I thought it would be a lot easier to win this event than YCS Düsseldorf 1. But after being around here and seeing who’s attending, I’m not so sure anymore. We have Kristoffer Nielsen, Luke Parks, Alpay Engin and the likes. So, this won’t be an easy one!

Tomorrow we will have two new YCS winners! That’s something unique and I’m pretty sure something that will not happen ever again.