YCS Düsseldorf 2019: Award Ceremony

26.02.2019 | 8:47 |
This was it! This was the largest YCS ever on European soil. YCS Bochum was big, almost cracking 2k. YCS Utrecht set the pace with almost 2.400 Duelists on site, but this one... This one crushed every event in the part. Almost 3.000 Duelists showed up to compete in YCS Düsseldorf! The sheer number exceeded all our boldest expectations and, considering the circumstances, we made the best out of this situation. We set up another YCS within a few hours. YCS Düsseldorf 1 started almost 2 hours prior to YCS Düsseldorf 2. Still, we finished almost 2 hours later. Duelists had to fight through 12 Rounds of Swiss and 6 Knock-Out Rounds to become the next (and second) YCS Champion this weekend. The Top 4 were full of surprises. Only 2 archetypes remained: Salamangreat vs. Orcust. While the first was the most represented Deck this event, the latter did not show up in our graph until the Top 64. Since we had all Mirror-Matches io Top 4, we were sure to see Salamangreat vs. Orcust in the finals. Dinh-Kha Bui, once again, showed his unique skill of making the correct metacall, but lost to Thomas Rose in the semifinals. The Salamangreat Mirror Match was won by Jonas Koschel, who now has back-to-back Top 8 finishes. The final ended with a big surprise after Thomas Rose could only set a monster on his first turn. He managed to fight back and take home his second YCS title!


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 The Top 4 Duelists of YCS Düsseldorf 2019 (from left to right): Dinh-Kha Bui, Jonas Koschel, Thomas Rose, Nicolas Nebe.


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 4th place: Nicolas Nebe from Germany


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 3rd place: Dinh-Kha Bui from Germany


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 Runner-Up. Jonas Koschel from Germany


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 Winner of YCS Düsseldorf 2019: Thomas "Gentleman Duelist" Rose


Congratulations to the Top 4 Duelists of YCS Düsseldorf 2019! Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We had a great time here in Düsseldorf and started 2019 with another record! Thanks for following our coverage and thanks to all of those that took part in this exciting event. We'll be back with the WCQ: European Championship 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.