YCS Düsseldorf: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

24.02.2019 | 9:58 |
We are back for Day 2 of YCS Düsseldorf 2019. The best 436 Duelists of Saturday are allowed to proceed and keep on playing in Day 2 of YCS Düsseldorf. Take a look at the metagame breakdown of those remaining Duelists.


Day 2 Country Breakdown


Germany is still in the lead, even though the field was trimmed down extensively. The United Kingdom is now second and France in third place. Italy made a huge leap forward overtaking the Netherlands as well as Belgium to come in fourth. 40% of the Ialian Duelists made it to Day 2.


Day 2 Deck Breakdown


The top 3 Decks of YCS Düsseldorf are Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon and Sky Striker. Salamangreat is the Deck with the highest coversion rate. 33,3% made it to Day 2. Thunder Dragon is second with 24,5% conversion rate. In third place is Sky Striker with 56 Decks, but the second best conversion rate of 30%.