YCS Ghent 2019 Venue Lookaround and Goodbye

22.09.2019 | 7:29 |

Day 1 of YCS Ghent is in the books. We’ve hosted a YCS in this city for the first time and we feel like it was a good decision taking you to someplace new.

The feedback to this event was largely positive and the attendance numbers speak for itself. The city of Ghent is great, it feels like you are travelling through time and end up in the Middle-Ages. It’s definitely worth a visit!
We played 8 Rounds of Swiss just to return tomorrow with three more Rounds of Swiss and continue later on with the Knock-Out Rounds until we will crown the first YCS winner of this new season. The person winning the event will already have a huge lead in the Race for Worlds!
Apart from the Main Event we will return with tons of Public Events and the Dragon Duel Championship. Duelists born 2006 or later are eligible to take part in this prestigious event. The winner will receive a Super Rare Darklord playset!
Metgame-wise Sky Striker, Orcust and Thunder Dragon were almost on par. In the end it turned out that Pendulum seems to have the edge in the current metagame. We’ll see how it turns out on our Deck & Country Breakdown for Day 2.
We will return tomorrow with our coverage of YCS Ghent. Have a good night and hopefully, you all will return tomorrow to enjoy the final day of coverage.