YCS Leipzig – Coverage overview day 1

Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during day 1 of our live coverage from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Leipzig, Germany.

News & Updates
Welcome to YCS Leipzig!
Number of the day
A look ahead at some upcoming events in 2012
The Top 10 Tables of Round 8
The Deck & Duelist Breakdowns of YCS Leipzig

Standings & Playoffs
Standings after round 3
Standings after round 4
Standings after round 5
Standings after round 6
Standings after round 7
Final standings of day one of YCS Leipzig

Feature Matches
Round 1: Michael Ciplak (Ninjas) vs. Felix Mannebach (Gladiator Beasts)
Round 2: Lukas Calovini (BubbleBeat) vs. Piran Asci (Wind-Ups)
Round 3: Jörg Müller (Inzektors) vs. Jan Hendricks (Evos)
Round 4: Giovanni Capechi (Photon Drain) vs Chesare Forcystus (Retro Stun)
Round 5: Wytze Kluitenberg (Gravekeeper) vs. Nicolas Patteau (Dino Rabbit)
Round 6: Jareth Rehan (Dragons) vs Vincent Ralambomiadana (Wind-Ups)
Round 7: Fabio Zuccato (Inzektor) vs. Thomas Ochsenmaier (Wind-Up)
Round 8: Georg Scherer (Inzektors) vs. Anthony Tiplady (Dark World Turbo)

Deck Analysis & Strategy
Deck Profile: Dominic Milinski’s “Machinozaurs”
Deck Profile: Lukas Calovini’s “BubbleBeat”
Deck Profile: Jan Hendricks’s Evols Running Rampant
Deck Profile: Giovanni Capecci’s Photon Drain
Deck Profile: Weng Tran’s and Alex Sierra’s Lockdown Ninjas

Looking around the venue.
QQ: How did you get here?
Round 1 in pictures.
First Look at the Public Events
QQ: What are you looking forward to in 2012?
Round 5 in Pictures.
QQ: What do you like about the recent releases?
Our first Attack of the Giant Card Winner

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