YCS Lille – Coverage Overview

28.04.2013 | 19:25 |
Here are all of the articles we have published for YCS Lille. Have a read of the coverage, and enjoy!
News & Updates: Welcome to YCS Lille! Announcing the WCQ: European Championship 2013! Hidden Arsenal 7 legality at YCS Lille. Presenting the winners of YCS Lille
Standings: Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 End of Swiss
Playoff Matchups Top 32 Top 16 Top 8 Top 4 The Final Matchup
Feature Matches: Round 1: James Cooke (Geargia) vs. Ryan Fields (Six Samurai) Round 2: Klaus Krieger (Sea Lancer) vs. Shaun Godly (Inzektors) Round 3: Marius Prinz (Machina Roid) vs. Vincent Laine (Gadgets) Round 4: Zack Bloundele (Frog Monarch) vs. Styn Dellercq (Geargia) Round 5: Sergio Cavaliere (Hieratic) vs. Thomas Nezereau (Mermail) Round 6: Marcus Patel (Fire Fist) vs Tony Lee (Mermail) Round 7: Chris Vinke (GB Firefist) vs. Florian Giesa (Wind-Up) Round 8: Sven Barray (HERO) vs. Guillaume Fronczak (Water) Round 8: The Mega Feature! Round 9: Joshua Schmidt (Mermails) vs. Andrea Salviato (Prophecy) Round 10: Long Dao (Mermail) vs. Peter Gross (Mermail) Top 16: Luca Chetoni (Mermail) vs Mickael Da Silva (Six Samurai) Top 16: The Mega Feature! Top 8: Marcel Leucker (Prophecies) vs. Stefan Batterbee (Mermail) Top 4: Luca Chetoni (Mermail) vs Paolo Pacchiana (Mermail) The Finals: Long Dao (Mermail) vs. Paolo Pacchiana (Mermail)
Picture Galleries: Pictures from the venue. Pictures from Round 2! Pictures from Round 3! Pictures from Round 5! Pictures from Round 6! Pictures from Round 8! Pictures from Round 10! Pictures from Top 8!
Top Tables: Round 9
Strategy Content: The cards to expect at YCS Lille The Decks to expect at YCS Lille Creative Decks at the top tables (Round 4). How to beat the top Decks.
Deck Profiles: Marius Prinz's Machina Roids Sergio Cavaliere’s Hieratic Dragons Rudolf Weissingers’ Monarchs Youri Lansman’s stunning Anti-Meta Deck Andrea Caruso’s explosive Monarchs Double Karakuri feature!
Statistics: The Decks & Duelists of Day 2 The Decks & Duelists of the Top 32
Public Events: Day 1's Public Events are underway. Our first Giant Card winner! Our first Regionals winner of the weekend! Day 2's Public Events are underway. We have another WCQ: Regional Winner! Meet Rohan Patel, our Dragon Duel Champion! More Giant card winners! Our final Giant Card winner! Meet Filipe Benedetto, our YCS Trial Winner! Our YCS Lille Public Event Playoff Winners!
Quick Questions: What Deck will win this weekend? What's your favourite card from Hidden Arsenal 7? What are you looking forward to in LTGY?
Other Updates & Articles: The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Card Database: Making coverage easier to read! European Yu-Gi-Oh! coverage hits the 1000 article mark! This time last year: YCS Toulouse flashback. Thank you Judge & Staff team! Top 8 Duelist Profiles
As always, thank you very much for reading what we have published over the weekend; we hope you enjoyed the YCS experience, and we'll see you in Frankfurt!