YCS Liverpool: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

30.10.2016 | 10:52 |
The best 256 players returned on Day 2 of YCS Liverpool to give it a shot at the top cut. Here are the most represented Decks and countries.


Day 2 Country Breakdown small 50% of the players in the best 256 are from the UK. That's roughly about the same number as yesterday. Germany and Italy are keeping up. The ratios didn't change a lot.


Day 2 Deck Breakdown small


The field was trimmed down a lot. Still, approximately 50% of the remaining players are relying on an ABC Deck or variante of it. That's a lot and it proves that this strategy is superior to all the other Decks at the moment. The Deck started off with around 33% of the field. Runner-up is Blue Eyes and Burning Abyss again! Pendulum strategies are represented as well but only making up for 10% of the field.